• Our Publications

Listed here are the papers published since the Origins Lab got established at CSUN in the fall of 2015. Student papers are highlighted.

Articles in review

  1. Pebble trapping in vortices formed by convective overstability: threedimensional simulations
    Raettig, N., Lyra,W., & Klahr, H. 2018, ApJ, submitted. Student paper!!

  2. Pebble trapping backreaction does not destroy vortices
    Lyra,W., Klahr, H., & Raettig, N. 2018, ApJ Research Notes, submitted.

  3. Implications of Tidally Driven Convection and Lithospheric Arguments on the Topography of Europa
    Sattler-Cassara, L. & Lyra, W. 2017, Icarus, submitted. Student paper!!

  4. Explaining transition disks with accretionally dead zones
    Sandor, Zs., Lyra, W., & Regaly, Zs. 2017, A&A, submitted.

  5. On stellar-mass black hole mergers in AGN disks detectable with LIGO
    McKernan, B., Ford, K. E. S., Bellovary, J., Leigh, N.W.C., Haiman, Z., Kocsis, B., Lyra, W., MacLow, M.-M., Metzger, B., O'Dowd, M., Endlich, S., Rosen, D.J. 2017, MNRAS, submitted.

Articles in press

  1. The interplay between radiation pressure and the photoelectric instability in optically thin disks of gas and dust
    Richert, A., Lyra, W., & Kuchner, M. 2017, ApJ, accepted. Student paper!!

Published refereed articles

  1. On the rate of black hole mergers in galactic nuclei and active galactic nucleus disks II. Dynamical hardening
    Leigh, N.W.C, Geller, A.M., McKernan, B., Ford, K.E.S., Bellovary, J., Endlich, S., Haiman, Z., Kocsis, B., Lyra, W., Mac Low, M.-M., Metzger, B., O'Dowd, M., Samsing, J., & Stone, N.C. 2018, MNRAS, 474, 5672.
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  2. Radiation hydrodynamical turbulence in protoplanetary disks: Numerical models and observational constraints
    Flock, M., Nelson, R., Turner, N., Bertrang, G., Carrasco-Gonzalez, C., Henning, Th., Lyra,W., & Teague, R. 2017, ApJ, 850, 131.
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  3. On shocks driven by high-mass planets in radiatively inefficient disks. III. Observational signatures in thermal emission and scattered light
    Hord, B., Lyra, W., Turner, N., Flock, M., & Mac Low, M.-M. 2017, ApJ, 849, 164. Student paper!!
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  4. Low mass planet migration in magnetically torqued dead zones I: Static migration torque
    McNally, C.P., Nelson, R. P., Paardekooper, S.-J., Gressel, O., & Lyra, W. 2017, MNRAS, 472, 1565.
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  5. Orbital advection with magnetohydrodynamics and vector potential
    Lyra, W., McNally, C.P., Heinemman, T., & Masset, F. 2017, AJ, 154, 146.
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  6. Grand challenges in protoplanetary disc modelling.
    T. J. Haworth, J. D. Ilee, D. H. Forgan, S. Facchini, D. J. Price; Community authors: D. M. Boneberg, R. A. Booth, C. J. Clarke, J.-F. Gonzalez, M. A. Hutchison, I. Kamp, G. Laibe, W. Lyra, F. Meru, S. Mohanty, O. Panic, K. Rice, T. Suzuki, R. Teague, C. Walsh, P. Woitke. 2016, PASA, accepted.
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  7. On shocks driven by high-mass planets in radiatively inefficient disks. II. Three-dimensional global disk simulations.
    Lyra, W., Richert, A.J.W., Boley, A., Turner, N., Mac Low, M.-M., Okuzumi, S., & Flock, M. 2016, ApJ, 817, 102.
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  8. Compact dust concentration in the MWC 758 protoplanetary disk
    Marino, S., Casassus, S., Perez, S., Lyra, W., Roman, P.E., Avenhaus, H., Wright, C.M., & Maddison, S.T. 2015, ApJ, 813, 76.
    [arXiv] [ADS]